Master Plan

Gulberg Islamabad has been designed by keeping its target audience in mind. People who want to live in a clean, green, hassle-free, modern environment. So, we are happy to say that the master plan for Gulberg Islamabad is a marvel with luscious greenery, modern architecture which is the basis of providing an amazing lifestyle. Simply put, the dream of providing a green living environment with all the luxuries of life comes true here.

Not only does Gulberg Islamabad stand out for its outstanding design and landscaping, it also has highly skilled expert architects and builders working with the latest technology and knowledge of the industry to create structures that cause minimal harm to the environment.

Islamabad’s natural beauty is like no other cities of Pakistan and it has inspired the overall design and architecture of Gulberg Islamabad. The objective was to create a community that can enjoy all the modern lifestyle commodities without diminishing the greenery of the area. So, we have made sure to have lakes, lush green areas, alluring parks and green belts in the project. A great emphasis has been placed upon natural and clean surroundings to keep our residents healthy and to maintain the natural habitat. Therefore the maximum of the land of the farmhouses is to grow trees, plants and flower plants, whereas the solid building structure is limited to be built on the other 20% and this has been developed and maintained as a society law.

It should be kept in mind that Gulberg Islamabad showcases a lavish lifestyle too by including in itself luxury farmhouses, smaller residential units, sports, club, malls, 5-star hotels and a lot more with a complimentary peaceful green environment. Gulberg Islamabad is a gated community, that is secure and commotion free and offers a sense of tranquility and freedom like no other community.

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