Green Living

You get everything you could ever want in Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad is based on the philosophy of a green and serene environment. Here, a great emphasis has been placed upon having natural and clean surroundings to keep the residents healthy and to maintain the natural habitat. Therefore, most of the farmhouse land is used to grow trees, plants and flowers, and only 20% of it is used for building solid building structures. This has been set as the society’s law. Furthermore, parks, lakes and green belt networks have been made for maintaining sustainability and greenery. These features of Gulberg Islamabad, distinguish it from other societies.

The Best Lifestyle for You

Across Pakistan, Gulberg Islamabad is by far the best-incorporated community that has been planned to maintain a balance between quality of life & living factors of development & functionality. Living a luxurious lifestyle means enjoying the best the world has to offer. Gulberg Islamabad has a lifestyle that encompasses all areas of life, from the environment to the highest standards of living. Gulberg Islamabad showcases such a lavish life by offering the most luxurious farmhouses, smaller residential units, sports, socializing clubs, malls, 5-star hotels and a lot more with a complimentary peaceful green environment.

Leisure & Entertainment


Buildings and Constructions

Gulberg Islamabad’s infrastructure is designed by keeping the comfort of the residents as a first priority in mind. World class architects, engineers and builders came together for all the constructions in the community.

Uninterrupted Electricity Supply

At Gulberg Islamabad, there is a dedicated grid station that offers the residents of Gulberg uninterrupted electricity supply through an underground electric network and dedicated power transformers.

Uninterrupted *Piped Gas Supply

Gulberg Islamabad residents have access to *piped gas, so the residents don’t need to waste their time in getting gas cylinders or worrying about their refillment. Gulberg Islamabad has been designed keeping its residents’ comfort in mind.

Road Network

The roads of Gulberg Islamabad are wide, signal free and maintained well. Travelling in this society is enjoyable as the roads are free of potholes and damages. The amazing bridge and road systems of Gulberg Islamabad are the most impressive features.


Gulberg Islamabad is a gated community with 24/7 surveillance, so you can sleep peacefully in your dream home. Furthermore, The IBECHS’s dedicated security staff and gulberg security ensure that the residents there are safe and sound.

Water and Sewage System

Gulberg Islamabad has a continuous 24/7 water supply and has a state of the art sewage system. The latest technology has been implemented for water distribution and water drainage systems.